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Mona Hussein is the creative force behind her design offices of Mona Hussein Design House (MHDH) & Mahally with Mona Hussein. She first launched a lighting showroom ‐Temple of Light‐ in 1992 in the World Trade Center of Cairo. In 1993, Mona established MHDH Office, a 27 years old company by now. Honing her talent for design, she expanded her Interior Design House into Landscape, Architecture, Product Design and Branding. As a designer, Mona Hussein understands the importance of creating unique and inspiring spaces for her clients whether the project is Residential, Commercial, Hospitality, Architecture or Landscape. Being part of an award winning project "Designopolis", Mona Hussein has made her mark on many of Egypt's most elegant interiors and projects.

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Target Customers : B2B and B2C Purposes : Residential , Commercial , Administrative , Medical

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Address : The Polygon Business Park,Building 03, D2, 4th Floor P.O.Box 12451 km 38 Cairo-Alex Desert Road, Sheikh Zayed City, Egypt Phone : 01227498221Email : designer@monahussein.comWebsite : https://monahussein.com/en-us


Address : The Waterway Compound ,W mall, Building B, BFO4, 1st Floor, P.O.Box 11835 Al Mostathmereen Al Shamaleya, New Cairo, Egypt